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Wonder Woman Loses 8 Pounds During Holidays

Spunky, delightful Clara Buck would claim to be an ordinary woman. I respectfully disagree. Yes, she may appear to be like the rest of us mere mortals – wife, mother, grandma, caring friend – but there’s no way she’s ordinary.

See if you agree.

How ordinary is it to lose weight during the prime-time, weight-gain season of the year - Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Get this. Clara not only lost weight over the holidays (while baking for other people no less) – she lost 8 pounds, and that’s not counting the other 4 pounds that have magically melted away!

Not only that, Clara told me herself that it was simple. Oh, yes, as I live and breathe, that’s the word Clara used – simple! How ordinary is that? To lose weight easily while cooking, baking goodies (the smell was enough for her – she didn’t have to taste – what???), and going to holiday celebrations. Who can do that??

Wait. There’s more. Clara also said she felt full and completely satisfied - never deprived or bored. Was she Miss Patty Perfect? No, nor did she have to be. Good thing. Have you noticed? None of us is perfect.

And her biggest challenge wasn’t filling up first on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts or choosing to live without some of her favorites, like coffee, chocolate, and cheese.

Her biggest challenge was getting other people to stop bugging her about the changes she made in her eating habits – that this was a way of life for her, not a quick-fix diet. Sound familiar?

Watch out – saboteurs lurk every step of the way.

And the best part? Clara can easily get into her pants. She feels great and has lots of energy – so much so she now hates to go to bed at night.

So what has extraordinary Clara done to change her life?

First, Clara was ready. She really, really wanted it, and, by golly, she went for it.

Second, she followed a simple, doable plan – 10+10 for Life® - with three simple rules:

1. Add – Add and fill up first on the best-for-you foods.

2. Stop – Stop eating when your brain tells you, "I’m full."

3. Wiggle – Always allow wiggle room, just pa-lease - not too much. 80% of the time eat the best-for-you foods first, 20% wiggle and eat what you want – guilt-free!

(For more details on the rules right now, click on this link below and click on the 3-part "Guaranteed Weight Loss" articles – there’s three of them in a row.)


Third, Clara had hope – hope that she could finally lose weight and keep it off – forever.

Now you tell me. Is Clara extraordinary or is she extraordinary? She is extraordinary!

And Clara would be the first to agree – so are you! Just follow the three simple rules in 10+10 for Life® - Add, Stop, and Wiggle – and step into your extraordinary self!

"It’s not a matter of being right, it’s a matter of doing what’s right for you. Now do it." ~ Dr. Leslie

Dr. Leslie Van Romer is the author of weight loss, body-best book, "Getting Into Your Pants," chiropractor, weight loss cheerleader, and feel-good-about-you motivational health speaker.

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