26 Ocak 2008 Cumartesi

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery- Say Good-Bye to Obesity

A healthy body and a fresh mind can think and act efficiently. Any diseased body cannot prosper in life and lags in all respect. Today, obesity is a major problem and many people are suffering from this disease. An obese patient suffers from physical, mental and emotional problems. They usually do not feel free to mingle with people and hence, create a separate world for themselves. They feel that they are the odd man out. As the day passes by, they become mentally weaker and weaker. None can reconcile an obese person in any way. But, today an obese person has a reason to smile. Mini gastric bypass surgery removes the excess fat from the body of an obese person and make possible for him to lead a normal life. It is the only and one method to remove excess fats from the body.

Mini gastric bypass surgery is a very simple surgery that reduces excess food, fats and calories from the small intestines. There are two methods to perform the gastric surgery. They are laparoscopic surgery and open incision. In laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, several small incisions are made in the abdomen and gastrointestinal operation is performed using a laparoscope and specially designed surgical instruments. A tiny video camera is attached to one of the laparoscopes and inserted into an incision. The surgeon performs the procedure while watching the video image on a TV monitor. But, in an open incision, a larger abdominal incision is done and the process is very painful. Mini gastric surgery is quite safe and obese patient can high a sigh of relief now.
The mini gastric bypass (MGB) is a quick laparoscopic surgery and it takes only 30 minutes to perform. The process is not at all painful and the patient can go home after the operation. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RGB) is the most commonly performed weight loss surgery. This method of mini gastric surgery combines the restrictive and malabsorptive approaches to bariatric surgery. After the operation, the patients need to follow a strict diet. He has to pass through three phases of diet, firstly, liquid diet, secondly, pureed diet and thirdly regular diet. If a person follows every instruction of the doctor, then he can resume his work very soon.
Initially, an obese person tries his level best to reduce weight. He performs various methods to lessen his weight but it hardly effects his body. Ultimately, he has to undergo the mini gastric surgery. Obesity is rapidly growing day by day and many countries are fighting tooth and nail against the disease. The disease is so dreadful that it may take ones life also. Mini gastric bypass surgery will totally cure obesity. Once the operation is performed successfully, person can enjoy life to the fullest. After the operation, his confidence level increases. The surgery is a blessing for the obese people. According to World Health Organization (WHO), U.S is badly effected by the disease and finding the way out. With the advent of mini gastric surgery, the obese person can say good bye to the disease.

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