26 Ocak 2008 Cumartesi

News Flash! Fastin pill is back!

Back in December 1998, Fastin was pulled off drug retailer shelves and the consumer market in general upon directions from US medical officials. But the news online is that the Fastin pill is back on the market – a product being exclusively marketed by retailer World Class Nutrition.com. Though Fastin pill is back courtesy of World Class Nutrition.com, trade rights to Fastin are still owned by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals.

One reason Fastin pill is back is that it is considered a structurally clean pharmaceutical product because its key ingredient phenylethylamine is a naturally occurring substance in your own bodily tissues and fluids. Fastin pill is back also because it is remarkably similar to pharmaceutical stimulants. If you are wondering what other consumer products contain phenylethylamine, look no further than chocolate (which may explain why eating a chocolate bar may make you feel better, improve your appetite, and give you a better mood.) Phenylethylamine is classified as a catecholamine precursor that can stimulate your metabolism without the expected nervousness or jittery feeling caused by other sorts of stimulants. Phenylethylamine can also suppress the appetite, which is why it is used in Fastin as well.

Though Fastin pill is back, it is not recommended for use by patients at risk from diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, a malfunctioning thyroid, hardening of your arteries, or heart disease. Fastin is meant to be used in combination with the right weight-loss diet and changes in physical activity to encourage physical exertion.

Also, even if Fastin pill is back on the retail market, you should never self-medicate with it. Rather, you should always consult your doctor before attempting to embark on a program to consume Fastin for weight loss purposes (or any other purposes for that matter.) There are also some drugs you should avoid when Fastin pill is back in your regular medical prescription list: these are Phen-Fen (also called fenfluramine), dexfenfluramine, Marplan (or isocarboxazid), Nardil (or phenelzine), Azilect (or rasagiline), Emsam or Eldepryl (which both have selegiline), Parnate (or tranylcypromine). Diet medications should also not be taken along with Fastin pill. Patients aged less than 16 years old should not take Fastin.

If your doctor gives the go-signal, you can start taking Fastin again. Always consume it as one pill – do not divide one pill into several doses because it was not designed to work that way. If for some reason you were not able to take a scheduled dose, never double the dose at the next scheduled time of dosage – just take the same dose you are supposed to take and ignore the missed dose.

Some research results indicate that phenylethylamine may be lacking in the bodily systems of depressed people – so when you take phenylethylamine, that may explain why your mood level goes up within minutes. But this does not mean everyone can automatically take phenylethylamine or the Fastin pill itself – actually, possible allergic reactions to either the key ingredient or the pill itself are why you should always be under a doctor’s supervision while taking it. So never self medicate.

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