26 Ocak 2008 Cumartesi

Fat Burning - The Basics

To be good at anything, you've got to know the basics. So it's not much of a stretch on the imagination to say that if you want to burn fat, you've got to at least know the basics on how to go about doing it. That being said, here are three basic tips for burning fat.

1. Exercise: If you want to burn fat as quickly as your body will allow, having an exercise program is mandatory. Many people believe that they can burn all the fat they want by dieting alone.

For those of you who fall into that category unfortunately you're just fooling yourself. Not only is exercising necessary, there are other benefits that your body can only get from exercising such as more stamina, a stronger heart and a more well sculptured body. By moving your body, you're going to burn fat cells that dieting alone just won't touch.

2. Diet: This tends to be the most challenging aspect for many when it comes to burning fat. The majority of people out there think that you have to starve yourselves to lose weight. This couldn't be further from the truth. Eating is essential if you want to lose fat.


Believe it or not your body gains more fat when you don't eat. What happens is that when you don't eat you are starving yourself. When you do finally eat your body is going to want to store some of that food as fat in preparation for the next starvation period. So if you want to burn fat, you need to eat. This helps to maintain a balance insulin level in your body-- a key factor in reducing fat gain.

3. Metabolism: Speeding up your metabolism is accomplished by proper diet and exercising. Even though its benefits can be implied from the former information, it is worth mentioning by itself because of its importance in fat burning.

As we grow older our metabolism starts to slow down, but with proper habits, we can keep it at its maximum allowable capacity for our age. That's why a proper diet and exercise program is so important. Not only will a high metabolism help you to burn fat, it will also help you to efficiently expel more the impurities your body generates as waste. This in turn will help you to age more gracefully.

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