26 Ocak 2008 Cumartesi

Your Brain Power and Losing Weight

Losing those excess pounds might be easier said than done, but when you think of it, it really is easy. I have always stressed the importance of right mental attitude when it comes to dieting and exercising in my previous posts, and I will stress it again.

The Power of the Brain

Have you ever heard of the Laws of Attraction? It says that like draws like. In a way, this is what my book talks about. The way you think can affect the way your body reacts and functions. For example, you want to go on a diet, but you only think of the long road ahead of you before you reach your targeted weight goal. Of course, that will affect your weight loss program. Instead of being a fun program, your brain focuses on the negative aspect, and your body, thus, reacts negatively. Now, you only feel the pain of your muscles after exercising and the cravings for your favorite and delicious foods.

Why not change the way you think? Instead of focusing on what you don’t want focus on what you do want. Do you want to be 30 pounds thinner? Then focus on that. Keep that image in the screen of your mind. Live it and breathe it. Let your brain perceive that as the truth so that your body will follow suit and make it easier for you to achieve your goal.

How to Get Started

Like I have said, visualize the goal that you want. If you want to be 30 pounds less, then imagine yourself minus 30 pounds. Let that serve also as your motivation and driving force. Next, you have to learn how to let your brain communicate your goal to your body. One way of doing so is by meditating. Know your "special time" where you can be alone and uninterrupted. This can be done best in a very peaceful environment where you can relax and be calm. Lastly, affirmation is very important if you want to stay on course. You have to repeat to yourself what you want and imagine yourself achieving your goal. In this way, the body adapts and then aligns itself to what your brain is constantly thinking. All things will then fall into place.

Do you now see how much power the brain can have over our bodies? By correctly tuning our brains to the right channel, it will be just a matter of time before we manifest what we truly want.

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