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Misuse Of Hoodia Gordonii: Warning Signs

Who would think that a plant that grew out in the Kalahari Desert could become the most sought after wonder drug in the world today?

Hoodia Gordonii that grows in the wilds of the South African desert is considered as the most effect appetite suppressing drug that is now popular world wide.

What is Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia Gordonii produces the P57 compound which is responsible to give the feeling of fullness to those who take it. Studies show that the effect of this compound suppresses your craving and hunger for food even if you haven’t eaten anything. Being a suppressant of appetite, this has been a useful drug in the act of loosing weight, especially to those who suffers from obesity.

Hoodia Gordonii: Any side effects to this wonder drug?

Studies show that there are no known side effects of Hoodia Gordonii. The Bushmen of South African are known to take the stem of Hoodia to suppress their hunger and thirst during their hunting expedition. The Hoodia plant was also taken by these hardy pioneers for severe abdominal cramps, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, indigestion and hypertension.

It is safe to say that this wonder drug is free from any side effect as most weight loss drugs or food supplements are prone to have. The negative effect would practically come from the misuse of the drug and the additional medicines taken while this drug is in effect.

The effects of misuse

Since the reason for this drug is simply to loose weight, a possible danger can be seen on the misuse of the drug by not following the prescribed dosage of a doctor or a physician. Studies show that most people dieting are prone to increase the dosage of medication to speed up the weight loss process; this in itself lays the danger of Hoodia Gordonii. To avoid damage from taking in this wonder drug, always follow the prescription of professional rather than self-judgment.

Misuse can also come from taking in too many medications along with Hoodia Gordonii. Additives like caffeine, ephedrine and guarana can cause negative effects such as nausea, anxiety, diarrhea, insomnia or even the opposite, long period of sleep. Before taking in medication when using Hoodia Gordonii, or vice versa, try to consult your physician or doctor if any medication might trigger negative side effects.

Also, taking in Hoodia Gordonni over a prolonged period of time can cause starvation. Since our body will require intake of food, no matter how minimal it might be, to refresh various nutrients needed by the body. Suppressing the hunger for a prolonged period of time without any intake might cause some parts of your body to give in to the lack of nutrients.

Careful of your purchase

Aside from possible side effects of misusing the intake of Hoodia Gordonni, it is important to be aware of various counterfeit products using the name of this wonder drug. Considering the market of the drug, many scammer and counterfeits are plaguing the market with fake Hoodia products just to line their own pockets.

Buying and taking in counterfeit Hoodia products can provide unpredictable results from weight loss to loss of life. Always exercise care and caution when looking out for the real thing.

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