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Get the Information about obesity

In our day-to-day life, we see people of various colours, sizes, and shapes. They may be men, women, or even children. Some people are in good shape, some are thin, some moderate, some are fat and some of them have excessive weight. People with excessive weight may have huge body with fat deposits on stomach, waist, hips, thighs, arms, and legs.

What is obesity?

Obesity may be termed as excessive accumulation of fat within the body that is distributed within various parts of the body and exceeds the normal physical standards. Obesity can also be termed as excessive body weight gained due to increased intake of calories then needed by the body. These excessive calories are stored as fat in the body.

Earlier obesity was believed to be caused by consuming high calorie food and having low physical activity. Now obesity is recognized as a serious chronic disorder. Obesity is seen among children, teenagers, adults and in older people too. It can occur to anyone at any age.

What are the causes of obesity?

There are many factors, which can lead to obesity. One of the many causes is taking unhealthy diet or high fat diet. When one takes food having calorie value greater than that is actually required by the body, the excessive calories are stored in the body as fat. This excessive fat is stored in the body and is utilized when there is energy crisis just like storehouse of energy

Life style plays an important role in making one obese. A life style, which has very less physical activity, might be a cause for obesity. Least or no physical exercise, high calorie diet, stress, anxiety can also lead to obesity. Consumption of junk food, which has least nutritional value but high fat is one of the major causes of obesity in the developed countries.

Dysfunctional metabolism is also believed by the scientist to be one of the causes of obesity. Hereditary or genetic factors are also responsible for obesity. Studies show that genes play an active role to cause obesity among people. Genetic constitution of certain people makes them obese.

What are the effects of obesity?

Obesity may cause serious damage to the body if not treated timely and properly. It invites many physical problems such as diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, palsy, joint problems, liver diseases hyperlipidemia, certain types of cancers and many more. Some of these conditions may be treatable but few may prove to be fatal to health.

What are the treatments for obesity?

Traditional methods such as healthy and balanced diet, proper physical exercise can help with obesity. However, when obesity is caused due to factors beyond ones controls then medications such as Reductil and Xenical may be a boon. Both these medications are prescription medications and can be taken after a medical consultation.

You can get these prescription medicines online also. It is very easy to get medicines online and the not only save your time and energy but also save lots of money.

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